Matthew Lettini

A portrait of Matthew Lettini

👋 Hi, I’m Matthew. I’m a software designer and developer that’s been building, improving, and shipping digital product experiences for over 15 years.

My goal is to make life easier for people, one pixel at a time. I’ve been doing this at Harvest for more than a decade, helping to build a world-class time tracking product alongside a world-class team.

I excel as a product generalist, blurring the line between product designer and product manager. While I specialize in designing human solutions to customer problems, I tend to wear many hats, including project manager, team lead, strategist, researcher, data analyst, and a million things in between. I’m also a designer-who-codes and spend a lot of my time in HTML & CSS.

Beyond the desk I’m a new puppy dad-in-training, an out-of-practice musician, and an avid gamer always ready to min-max a new D&D character. I love hiking, basketball, karaoke, the oxford comma, and a good cognac.

I’m currently working remotely from Brooklyn, NYC. You can say hello by emailing or finding me @mlettini in most places.