Matthew Lettini

Multiple redesigns of Harvest’s marketing website.

When I joined Harvest in October 2010, I was the sole designer on the team. This meant I was tasked with designing more than just the product. Working alongside the marketing team, I redesigned our entire website a number of times during my tenure (until we eventually hired a dedicated marketing designer). I was responsible for all design and code.

Both designs proved highly successful, and Harvest saw tremendous growth throughout the first half of the 2010’s. Below are just a handful of screenshots to capture the overall look of each design—I won’t make you scroll through the many many pages of content.

2010 Redesign

One of my first projects at the company, our initial design for GetHarvest focused on communicating the core tenants of the product: track your time, analyze it, and invoice it. It’s what we do best and we make it simple.

2010 Home page
2010 Customer story example
2010 Pricing page
2010 App page example

2013 Redesign

While that design was successful, a few years later we redesigned the site to look simpler, less cluttered, and more modern (for the time). With this design, our focus was on telling a story and communicating the value Harvest brings to teams. We also cut down on how much prospective customers had to read to learn about our product.

This design stood with only minor iterations until 2018. You can still peruse this design because the Wayback Machine is awesome.

2013 Home page
2013 Customer stories page
2013 Pricing page
2013 App page example